Thursday, October 30, 2008

In-Out of the money...

Apparently Porsche acquired a huge chunk of VW in a well engineered derivatives operation that caught off-guard hedge funds worldwide, raising the capitalization of VW well beyond the total market cap of Ibex-35 (the leading stock index in Spain, this was according the local press)

The hedge funds are crying foul: this transaction puts in disrepute German markets. That is odd.The stock market has almost real-time, free information about any major exchange in the world.

What is clear is that if the hedge fund managers had information about Porsche bets, they would not have shorted VW. The derivatives market seems to be too asymmetric. It preys even on the predators.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Free Willy...

Has anyone heard about Canada lately? Not me. Apparently, they are happy, with a sound financial system, although a little bit cold. We have heard about everybody else.

So how come did Canada manage to avoid the storm and not Europe? After all Canada is a lot closer to USA than the EU is.

Some of its banks may be in trouble but given it is part of G8
and its economy is a lot larger than that of Iceland, there is barely any piece of news in all the financial and economics media about Canada.

Ahh, nothing can substitute good judgment.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Somebody in the...

Ah that LinkedIn jargon! I am getting closer to the point of really needing to use it.

But the real reason for posting is the *hope* that some reputed papers have that China's growth would keep the recession away.

How could China do that if it is relying on exports to countries in trouble to grow?

Someday China will be the economic superpower, but how quickly can China raise its per-capita income and draw goods from *somewhere else or even increase its fdi*? Not soon enough to help western bankers save face.

An article on the obvious, indeed.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

The World According to Tarp...

It is amazing: to connect our Ipod to a brand new Imac we need to learn black magic (it is well documented on the net), to connect it to an XP laptop, it is a snap.

A well known open-source project just got kicked in the rear because of quality problems.

So, MS' QA/QC outspends everyone in the industry to follow XP with a stinker, it is easier to connect an Ipod to XP than to Imac, and the open-source project does not seem to fall too far behind these two.

And then some americans are wondering if USA lost the "financial" leadership of the world.

After two humongous bubbles in less than a decade apart, and over-leveraged consumers (whose spending accounts for 25% of global GDP) isn't that question superfluous?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Params, Threads, Generics This is another progress demo. It involves: dynamically allocating params, genereics, threads, and switching between classes. Everything is handled transparently and effortlessly to the user. With such a small learning curve, ease of use, and blasting speeds the testing "Total Costs of Ownership" should be extremely low while attaining effectiveness never seen before. Enjoy your Sunday morning...

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Thursday, October 09, 2008


It is peculiar that in these times of crisis, the spam industry changes from blue pills to credit relief.

Fortunately, we deleveraged during 2003/2005.

Back then it seemed pretty clear that White House's "policy goal" was to keep the consumer spending lost with outsourcing and the bursting of tech bubble by providing cheap credit and using dubious lending practices (I used to work for PriceWaterhouse auditing Banks)

If on top of that setup free market supporters start to play "shock-and-awe" with financial derivatives, the downside became pretty nasty.

Markets can only function with free flow of information. Financial derivatives markets are like a backroom full of smoke. No clear information, if any, about financial instruments with limitless downside.

So no mortgage, no credit card debt, just trying to make an honest buck with hard work :-}

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Sunday, October 05, 2008


After cleaning up some bugs, a task that is still going, here is another sampler: a 500 thread session, with generics included, ran twice under 3 minutes from scratch.

That is generics type, tests + threads creation, and run. Everything completely synchronized.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

General Dynamic Fixtures

This is the first work-in-progress report in a while. It shows how DevRiot dynamically generates, stores, and retrieves tests between sessions.

The "fixtures" are handled dynamically. We can mix and match the generics parameter types on-the-fly, keeping the engineers effort easy, flexible, and quick. Extremely quick.

Very few tools on the market can offer such a low Cost of Ownership, in the short or long run :-}


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