Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Context Adjustments...

Some times it is amazing where pointers to adjust features can come from.

And I have to say that MS seems to be on the ball supporting the extensibility community (not related to previous line)

Anyways, DevRiot's UI has changed a little bit to make things easier on inherited methods,fine tunning runs and having multiple instances of VS up.

We wanted to get this stable before get into the gui testing engine for .Net compact and device integration. It is going to be fun :-}

P.S. The second "Run Current Tests" really runs the whole suite.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Slow drip...

Sometimes things happen in a way that makes you wonder.

I have not worked on DevRiot's eclipse plug-in in ages. Obviously, I am concentrating on .Net since Visual Studio 2008 is going to be released soon.

But the funny thing is that the demo of DevRiot running the GUI testing engine on J2ME has become pretty popular this month.

How information flows in the business world is amazing!

Needless to say, it is going to be a lot easier to implement the GUI testing engine for .Net than for J2ME. Everyhting is already in the IDE (VS 200x) On the other hand getting the same device support on Eclipse/J2ME is like secretively impossible. Back to work...

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tell me what posts one is reading...

And I will tell you what one's marketing plan missed :-}

Well, Leopard came out. It may have solved some of the SWT/AWT problems that DevRiot was experiencing on OS X. I need to get back to it later. Some people got really upset that Java 6 is not included or better java support on OS X is demanded.

It is understandable but things should get less emotional.

After all, not long ago Apple was in the doldrums. It certainly came back but it is behind every big player in the Java world. And it is not going to let IBM or Sun have a piece of the Apple pie out of goodwill.

There are a lot more Java/IBM developers than OS X developers. That in itself is a major threat.

Well, I am going back to .Net and make sure DevRiot does not choke when several instances of Visual Studio are up and running...

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Context it!!

We have done a little backtracking with regards of the original way we planned to handle assertions. Interfaces and abstract classes will be handled the same way: context strip.

Here is goes another snapshot of the work-in-progress:

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What an eye sore!! (102,796)

Well, I finally managed to download all the components for Visual Studio 2008. It was long a process because of the size of the archives involved. Regardless, I have to say that the process was smooth.

Now to the substance, comparing DevRiot and the test tools of VS 2008.

I started with the basic: take an int and return it.

Nothing else fancier where DevRiot has advantage over VS: gui testing (on PC and devices, on and off screen), dynamic array/data structure manipulation, dynamic build test tress, built-in load and stress testing, etc :-}

It is an eye sore: test projects, test types, test attributes, test contexts, asserts, clicks, clacks to get to the point of to modify the test source to add the only thing that is of interest to the user: desired input and expected output. That is all a user needs. If the user needs to add a second test: repeat the process :-}

The thing is dog slow. It took (on average) 102,796 times more ticks than DevRiot. Granting that I was using Virtual PC but the times I am using for DevRiot are from 4 years ago on much slower machine than the current one I own.

If we assume a 50 times handicap (meaning that a 5000% improvement) DevRiot is still around 2000 times faster.

No wonder the execution time report is not the default one.

I tried to mess MS tool with changing return types, it choked like a child. Then I tried exceptions or even setting scenarios. It would have required getting into coding, api, etc..

I do not think they have clear concept of what automation means.

So, bottom line: why spend more time using MS QA infrastructure if it is not going to yield faster development cycles?

The pricing structure and road map discussion, I will leave for other post.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slipping Cookie...

As I wait for Visual Studio 2008 to download/compare its QA features against DevRiot (it takes a bit to download everything) and work on the context menus of DevRiot, there was this funny piece of news:

Hamilton admitted that his car stalled because he pressed the reset button by mistake.

Go figure, which kind of strategic thinking went through Dennis' head. Back to work...

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Crumbling Cookie...

Well, I did not want to say anything until the end. And even now is too early: it will only be known after Alonso and Hamilton retire to compare them.

But which kind of moron spends 30 million euros/year on luring the current world champ to his team, spends another 70 million euros on fines (25% of next year's budget) and bets the farm just on a rookie who already crumbled the previous race? and comes empty handed?

If MB does not fire Dennis, they should force him to be the PS2 or XBox team manager. Beyond belief.

Also, not counting the image/marketing damage (sponsors, any one?) Who would want to drive alongside Hamilton, after the current champ (2 years in a row) put the car in competing conditions is treated like a second class citizen?

Choosing Hamilton was a bet Dennis was entitled to make. But he should also eat the downside of it.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sweet deal...

We just got a really good offer to participate in a major tech event next year. Obviously we were caught off guard (money and time wise) We will have to do some figuring out...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Progress in General:

Here we have a couple of the .Net tool working with generics:

It is funny how monitoring works. A big portion of the traffic drops, and then hits on the whitepapers and J2ME topics surge. And then a big portion of the traffic is back.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

To open source or not to open source...

I was im'ing with a good friend from Austin, catching up after a few months off.

She was somewhere on the west coast on a business trip. She mentioned that I should open source the whole thing. She is working on SOA a lot lately. The whole thing is hard to test. So buddy, open source it!

I have toyed with the idea before, and yes SOA is hard to test. But then one looks into WPF and the ball-and-chain (to paraphrase Jobs) Microsoft is putting on these widgets just to make sure they are testable and one realizes that before testing SOA we would need to make sure that simplest things work.

BTW, I am been trying to figure out for several days why would anybody want to take that approach to no avail.

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Roasted Chestnuts...

Fall arrived! Harvest time! One of the advantages of living close to one's farming uncle is that you get the goodies. This year are outstanding tomatoes, last year to-die-for wild "setas" (shiitake mushrooms)

Last night, roasted chestnuts picked from trail. And some pictures to share:

The neighborhood:

A day trip to Praia das Catedrais:

P.S. Why the overreaction? Some research units get caught reading DevRiot's feature plan and then tell the whole company to stop visiting the site? It should have touched a weak spot :-}

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beta FAQ 2:

For those research units interested in what is coming down the pipe:

*) The .Net beta will include Gui-Off: that is the ability of running the gui execution engine off the screen to increase throughput.

*) The Test Writing Engine will not be included in yet. We need field-proven execution engines before design on the writing engine continues.

*) The eclipse/java version will be overhauled after the .Net beta is available: it will become an Eclipse feaure, etc.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Well, one thing led to the next. It started with using .Net 3.0 and the GUI testing engine, and ended up in: "we need to make sure that the off-screen engine works".

The off-screen engine is a feature of the GUI testing engine that allows these type of tests to run at speeds close to that of the unit test engine. The main goal is to increase the throughput of the process without losing accuracy.

BTW, it works...

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Generics 3.0...

Adding support for generics is well underway but trying the GUI testing engine with WPF?

Help needs to be local, msdn needs to be installed...

Ohh well!

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