Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One Click away - Too much noise!

The following screenshots show how DevRiot takes away almost of the work from the user. Everything is just a click away. Well except for interfaces and abstract classes where the tool needs some guidance from the user.

On Mac OSX, about to set pre-test state of the private field:

On Windows, showing how DevRiot deals with compiling errors:

On Linux, finally a success!

Well, given how many hits the Amber postings have taken in the last few days and the people reading them, it makes me wonder if it should hibernate at all :-}

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Amber's hibernation, DevRiot update

There are a couple of progress snapshots of DevRiot's new UI: precompiling code and related tasks. Although, sometimes is discouraging put too much effort on the UI since QA tools should generate tests automatically, data and plumbing work :-} but...

Amber is in hibernation, I do not know how deep. The Mono people started a direct implementation of Indigo/WCF. Amber's goal was to avoid the IP restriction imposed on WCF/Indigo but since there is an open-source version of them on its way...

Their work is part of Mono Olive, they seem to be cruising on that front. There is also a google group for Mono Olive.

Well that's all for now...

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

On Mac OS!!

Although, given the problems that exist between Mac, AWT/Swing, and SWT, it will be a while before we could support this configuration.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Improved UI on Linux and Windows!!

Well, the snapshots managed to have some text to go along with them :-}

During this time we have had some useful feedback that allowed us to change the UI of the Eclipse plugin for the better, outside and inside. It looks more integrated with the Eclipse IDE

We had been able to delete a bunch of code that was more fat than substance.

The Linux snapshots show how devriot deals with pre-test conditions and post-test conditions when invoking a constructor.

The pre-test conditions are not allowed while the post-test conditions are. Not big surprise there. Still the state of the object can be accessed/set through the UI without access restrictions.

The Windows snapshots show how methods and its invoking parameters are dealt with. A series of tabs and useful data about the type at hand will be available to the users.

The Eclipse versions that will be available for the beta are 3.0x, 3.1X, and 3.2. The operating systems will be Windows and Linux/GTK (I have not run the GUI logic in a Motif box, so the behavior there is unknown), After this the .Net version will come.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Silly Widget

This is part of a side project that was D.O.A. It is a silly xml-based rendering engine that does not know how to readjust the line height of a document when the font height changes and does not know how to scroll. The link event does not change the color of the visited links.

Since the document is parsed when the Markup property changes, the double buffering is known before hand, and perfomed during the initial drawing. It is a little bit expensive (a constant extra bitmap ) but saves time and complexity (specially when there are several areas of the document that need repaint).

If somebody wants to run with it, it is @ http://efekctive.com/blogging/src/SillyWidget.tar.gz. It is a MonoDevelop project.

Expand, load, and run inside MD. The lower textbox on Form1 helps to fire the rendering.

It performs the following: bolding, italicizing, highlighting, underlining, and blinking, striking through of text. There are tags to change the font type and size, fore and back colors. The file called "test.xml" uses most of the logic available.

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Monday, October 16, 2006


Looking at the wide variety of organizations downloading the whitpapers and postings, specially the more technical ones, it is encouraging after a relatively "light & silent" period where some dead weights had to be let go.

Sometimes less is more :-}

The beta of our java QA engine is coming together: the footprint is still around 50Kb (full, stripped down less than that) this should be enough to get inside a good number of handleds, PC, etc.

The advantage of avoiding the capture & replay model is that there is a lot of room for becoming lean & mean :-}

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