Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Funny Architecture:

While trying to land a client, working on our technology and fidgeting with Amber (BTW is like a breath of .Net in a see of Java :-} I ran into the following paragraph (page 15 Pallmann's book):

"Instancing behavior determines how many instances of a service are created for clients (for example, one per client session)..."

which I find kind of funny. What about the object state? Say that service "A" gives access to or sells lottery tickets. How would one instance know which numbers are available?

Is Indigo going to force static members?

Or it is just intended to stateless classes? (my example is an over-simplification but before we know it stateful classes will be involved)

Anyways, I think it is their problem. I am just trying to avoid them:-}

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Mimicking IIS

Some of the Indigo's features/facilities inside IIS described in Pallmann's book that have not been addressed yet are automatic activation and service health check-ups. As somebody asked early this week: the IP restrictions seem to reamain in place so...

The latter feature is the more complex one. What is the stick that should be used to determine the health of a service? Maybe a ratio of requests served to requests in queue and use an increasing time span to capture a meaningful figures?

Seems simple but easy to implement for a someday-will-be-beta proeject.

The automatic activation could be done from the intermediaries.

I am going back to our (not Amber's :-) beta...

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Friday, August 18, 2006


the actual spelling of the path is:


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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Web Advange!!

The downloads of the whitepaper keep on coming which is nice to see. After all I have been in stealth mode lately.

I do not know if it was because word of mouth or a typo but there have been a bunch of attempts to download

http://efekctive.com/blogging/wp/quality_advange_V2.pdf (which does not exist)

the actual spelling of the path is:


Hope this helps...

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Amber, Mass Autism?:

After figuring out a way to avoid using Reflection.Emit (although, it is really fun to generate code on the fly) the early versions of Amber's Hosting model has a couple of new features:
  • "Hot" service upgrades. The idea is not new: allowing service providers to upgrade their services whitout interrupting the service.
  • Reuse of AppDomains. As services come and go, the active, not currently hosting, AppDomains are stored in a "stash" so when the next service comes there is no need to create a new AppDomain (which are expensive to create, specially if there are other services already taxing the server
Well the fires in Galicia have turned into a European tragedy: France, Italy, and Portugal has sent crews.

The French Press reports that most of the fires are targeting potential second/summer home areas which can not be developed because of the forests. It is hard to argue against that after seeing the aerial pictures of some of the fires and their locations.

If I recall correctly one of the effects of autism is that autist people hit/hurt themselves in random bursts.

The summer fires, the Prestige, and other tidbits of Galician "sentidiño" seem like the bursts of an austist society. If that were possible. Not even after the loads of money from the EU, or a century of migrating to other places/cultures seem to help.

It is not that we are dummies. Zara/Inditex is from here, a former CEO of Continental Airlines is first generation Galician-American. There are plenty of examples like these two but as a collective, things are not so clear to me...

In addition Greenland is melting, Europe is baking, jellyfish is taking over the Mediterranean, so who needs intentional fires in one of the few green, forest-rich regions of Europe?

The regional government fires the crewmembers who "did not speak" galician in the spring. Who needs such a dumb leadership?

The opposition waits until the summer to do the "I told you so". Who needs such a dumb opposition?


I have been calling the volunteers number for 3 days straight (day and night) no success. The fotographer, that is my wife, asked me to wait. After the Katrina experience (we were in Austin at that time and most of the refugees went to TX) they really need help after the bru-ha-ha and newsworthyness is over.

Less people feel inclined to help then.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


It is as valid today as it was back then. This phrase summarized the rage, helplessness, and desire of Galicia when the incompetents in the regional government let the Prestige's oil spill become a case in Keystone cops emergency management.

4 years later, and the new incompetents in the regional government have placed themselves in hands of real-estate mafias whose only interest is develop beyond the real needs of a region, re-editing the Keystone cops episode.

The new incompetents in power here, while knowing that summer fires happen yearly, fired hordes of experienced firefighters because they were not credited galego speakers.

The new incompetents in power belong to what is known in spanish politics "nacionalistas". These think that they can make Galicia better "por decreto". So, to be a firefighter around here one needs to speak galician. La-la land politics. This is the way to protect one's motherland.

What the real-estate development mafias did? Set the sorrounding areas of the cities on fire (Galicia is mostly rural and has a lot of forests) to see if they can get arround the building limitations.

Most of the 127 fires were intentional and around 3 cities.

Again, the rest of Spain has to come in a hurry to protect Galicia from galicians.

Enough ranting, I am going to volunteer...

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Static-o, Dumb and Dumber

I just managed to play around with the binding flags and managed to get around a problem that was forcing Amber's hosting model to emit code on the fly (or so I thought) I must have been tired or sleepy or both the times I tried to work around the problem in late November. Moral: do not attempt to write code while moving across the Atlantic...

Amber's hosting model may emit code for optimization purposes if required.

I have been blogging on & off last couple of months and slow with the beta. The sort of problems that take a lot of energy and one does not feel like talking about them often.

And I ran into Dumb weeks ago...

Dumb is this fellow from one of the net groups that takes a militant-not-too-particularly-open-or-smart attitude about issues. He chases you all-the-way from the forum to your personal address to disagree in-your-face.

This time the issue was XML. Somebody asked about how to solve a problem. I posted that XML could help them. I had used XML in similar situations with great success.

But Dumb thought that XML was a "just toy" which did not delivered on its promises.

I thought that was funny to hear from somebody that uses the web so often and intensely (html is after all xml). I politely replied that Eclipse, .Net, and w-s use XML so it should be more than "just a toy".

Wrong answer!! Dumb chased me for days off the forum with all sorts of senseless arguments. But the funny thing was: He was using a pseudonim. So I was being chased by Dumb and Dumber!! I had to run faster!!!

It is summer. And while the english and north-europeans invade the rest of Spain looking for sun and sand, a lot of spanish people flock to Galicia to cool off and enjoy the wild green coast.

But it is also the time of "wild fires". Just last weekend there were 26 fires, 85% of them were intentional. And the main ones were around cities or areas with resort potential.

It doesn't take a rocket scientists to figure out that most of these fires would benefit the people who can't develop their real estate projects because of the strict regulations around forests.

Galicia needs to create wealth, and employment.

The demographics are inverted: young, economically active people are still leaving (my great-grandfather, my grandfather, my father, and myself migrated, more than 100 years of migrating) just retirees or people near retirement stay.

But brick-and-mortar is not a long term solution. It does not create high-paying jobs which bring about bigger tax receipts. Destroying the nature that brings tourists and money does not seem smart either.

If I were one of the thousands and thousands of good people who came from all over to help Galicians deal with the "Prestige" spill, I would be thinking: why? is this people stupid?

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